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VegaX 101 Series — Breaking down the ins and outs of VegaX Strategies with easy to follow and understandable language to help navigate the crypto-verse. Read more to learn about the VNFT — get exposure to the DeFi market in a few clicks, with VegaX! Better Indexes, Better Returns — #VegaX

VegaX Holdings VNFT 101 — Learn More at VNFT

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TL;DR: Let’s break down VNFT

VNFT stands for VegaX NFT Protocols Investment Product.

It’s our premier NFT strategy and is designed to provide exposure to the NFT and metaverse industry via blue-chip protocols inhabiting the NFT niche of the crypto sector. It follows the VegaX Non-Fungible Token Index (VNFTX), which tracks the top 5 NFT protocols by market cap.

So what are NFTs? (Great question)

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is the digital representation of a unique asset stored on a blockchain. NFTs have the potential to disrupt a multitude of sectors, including, but not limited to, digital art, music, content creation, title, ticketing, and more. Non-Fungible means that the asset is non-replaceable, and it should be unique in the world. For example, a non-fungible asset could be a rare piece of artwork, a Pokemon card, or a prized plot of real estate, as you could not trade such assets 1:1. Each asset has a unique value proposition based on its distinct characteristics (Van Gogh painted the artwork, the Pokemon card was a misprint, the plot of land sits in the middle of NYC).

Essentially, Bitcoin began as digital money → Ethereum created decentralized finance, and → NFTs are the next step in the blockchainization of the world. NFTs bring unique items, or things, to the digital economy.

Talk VNFT to Me:

Ok, ok, let’s narrow that focus down to VNFT, the VegaX strategy that you came here to learn about.

VNFT does not track individual NFT collectibles (think a Beeple 1:1) or collections (NBA Top Shot). Instead, it follows the top five tokens for projects with NFTs integrated into their ecosystems. This means VNFT is made up of the five biggest tokens in the NFTs sector of the crypto industry. The list is updated weekly, allowing new tokens to break into the top 5 if they see a surge in popularity.

Let’s Talk About Some Popular NFTs Tokens:

VNFT changes with the market, but many of the ~types~ of tokens listed in VNFT will fall into three categories:

  • governance tokens → allows users to stake tokens to participate in the governance of the ecosystem, making decisions on things such as marketplace fees, game upgrades, and more (ex: Axie Infinity)
  • utility tokens → allows users to transact and interact throughout an ecosystem by facilitating purchases, trades, and sales (ex: The Sandbox, Enjin, Decentraland)
  • ecosystem tokens → allows users to mint other tokens and can be used as gas fees to power a network (Chiliz)

How has VNFT done?

You can track the latest performance of the VNFTX index here.

What tokens are in VNFT?
Note: The strategy is regularly rebalanced and tokens might be added or removed.

On 14/01/2022, Tokens included in VNFT are :
$SAND The Sandbox
$MANA Decentraland
$FLOW Flow
$CHZ Chiliz

$AXS Axie infinity

The VNFT End Game: Actually Investing

If you are looking for…

  • the best NFT projects on the market
  • an easy way to get exposure to NFTs without having to buy individual collections
  • a product that quickly adapts to market conditions

then VNFT is a perfect match for your portfolio, and you should buy the VNFT token on VegaX today (using this link).

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