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  • governance tokens → allows users to stake tokens to participate in the governance of the ecosystem, making decisions on things such as marketplace fees, game upgrades, and more (ex: Axie Infinity)
  • utility tokens → allows users to transact and interact throughout an ecosystem by facilitating purchases, trades, and sales (ex: The Sandbox, Enjin, Decentraland)
  • ecosystem tokens → allows users to mint other tokens and can be used as gas fees to power a network (Chiliz)
  • the best NFT projects on the market
  • an easy way to get exposure to NFTs without having to buy individual collections
  • a product that quickly adapts to market conditions
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VegaX Holdings

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VegaX Holdings

VegaX Holdings

VegaX: The Future of Digital Asset Management — Innovation of Proprietary Indices and Next-Gen Digital Asset Management Products.