VegaX Holdings: The Future of Digital Asset Management & The Key to Maximizing Returns for Digital Assets

VegaX Holdings
3 min readApr 14, 2020


We’ve been busy creating BTC based strategies & indexes, maximizing BTC profits for our clients, and working with our acceleration partners. More on all of this below!

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What is VegaX?

We’re glad you asked. We worked to make our business understandable to new-to-crypto investors, who are a bit more comfortable with “traditional” investment products, like ETFs etc, and are interested in dipping their toes into the crypto pool! We’ve also provided “extra” details on the business and our products for those not-so-new to crypto, who are trying to enhance their returns vs. the go to #HODL strategy. So here it goes:

VegaX is… A Digital Asset Management firm creating Investment Products for Sophisticated Investors.

We provide investors with one-stop access to investment products for digital assets. Crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, have exploded in growth, but retail investors do not have access to products like ETFs, mutual funds and indexes in the crypto-world. VegaX brings investors critical access to these products that can improve their returns.

Welcome to #VegaX!

Our Vision at VegaX: Transform the best of traditional finance to provide universal access to the global digital asset industry.

Our Goal at VegaX: Create the next suite of indexes and financial products needed to support the growth of digital assets, while providing investors with enhanced returns. (And we’re starting with #BTC!)

Product Highlights

VegaX’s products fall within two categories currently: Strategies and Indexes. When referring to “strategies,” think along the lines of “ETFs” or “Mutual Funds” for crypto/digital assets. When referring to “indexes” think along the lines of “VIX” or the “Dow Jones” for the digital assets industry.

One of VegaX’s main strategies, that is live, and already providing investors with increased returns, is the Enhanced Bitcoin Exposure Strategy. The Enhanced Bitcoin Exposure Strategy (“EBE”) provides bitcoin holders with increased target returns for a compounded annual return of 80% (Target monthly income: 5%). As opposed to just holding bitcoin (#HODL #BTC), VegaX’s EBE provides the opportunity for both additional income generation and some downside protection.

VegaX is providing smarter data on BTC via utilization of indexes, such as the VBIX. The VegaX Bitcoin Volatility Index (VBIX) is the traditional investment industry’s VIX, but for bitcoin. VBIX represents the market’s expectations of 30-day volatility implied by aggregating the weighted prices of bitcoin calls and puts across a range of strike prices. The VBIX aims to be the proprietary premier benchmark for bitcoin market volatility and will be the foundation for new financial products to emerge.

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VegaX Holdings

VegaX: The Future of Digital Asset Management — Innovation of Proprietary Indices and Next-Gen Digital Asset Management Products.