VegaX Flash News — Message From Our CEO — June 2022

VegaX CEO Sang Lee shares a message to VegaX clients and the VegaX community about the current market conditions and future outlook of the crypto market. Read more below and #WAGMI! (“We Are Going To Make It”).

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To VegaX Users,

The last several weeks have seen the most tumultuous and volatile periods for the entire cryptocurrency market. Just a couple of months ago, the industry was much abuzz around the excitement of new DeFi products promising attractive and seemingly guaranteed returns, NFT innovation, and the promises of a web3 empowered future. And yet, we are now observing the aftermath of an over leveraged framework that has reared its ugly head in the midst of macro weakness and uncertainty largely driven by a rising rates environment.

Yet now, we know that many investors and industry stakeholders are left shakened amidst the volatility that peaked this past weekend. We have been observing and analyzing the industry to provide a comprehensive look at what we believe to be the most critical factors that have had the greatest effect on the current industry quakes. All of these events are unfortunate and often the causes are irresponsible, but these are the points of learning that create a stronger foundation to build on and expand. With better systematic protections, identification of risk as well as participant education, we are going to see even more robust growth in the industry.

VegaX has always prided itself on a technology-first approach to provide the best possible environment and service for users to be able to safely allocate their assets. Additionally, we are consistently researching the most relevant changes in technology and industry to address the most salient issues. We highly recommend subscribing to our Medium channel to get up-to-date insights from our research team.

VegaX provides the technology for users to not only safely manage their assets, but to have proper risk/reward methodologies to increase and diversify digital asset holdings. As such, we can confirm that the safety of user funds has not been affected by events that are permeating throughout the industry. Additionally, VegaX, as a firm, has taken and will continue to take risk-managed approaches to treasury and resource management and is currently financially robust.

Blockchain and the decentralization of digital assets still pose the biggest shift that we have seen not only in financial services but in the entirety of the global economy and we are still in its earliest stages. Every technological shift goes through great upheavals not only by the interior resistance of the incumbency but also in shedding its own weaknesses and flaws to emerge as the new paradigm.

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