VegaX Grows AUM by 630%

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VegaX Announcement

We are excited to announce that we have grown our total assets under management (AUM) to over $15 million. This is a key milestone in our efforts to grow our business and become one of the leading digital asset management companies in the world. Last quarter alone, VegaX’s assets under management increased by 630%, from $2 million+ to $15 million.

VegaX Holdings

VegaX is the world’s first cryptocurrency asset management platform focused on opportunities in hedging and advanced alpha through products and strategies driven by volatility.

Our Goal

As a company, we strive every day to gain the trust of more crypto holders, both early adopters and those who are new to the crypto space, so that we can help them achieve greater returns and grow their investment portfolios.

Minimizing the Negative Impact of Volatility

The volatility of the cryptocurrency market has kept many people from investing in cryptocurrencies as they worry about the increased risk that comes with investing in volatile markets. This has ultimately created a barrier to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. However, our strategies are designed to decrease the risk and potential negative impact of the volatile market, making the benefits of cryptocurrency investment far outweigh any drawbacks. We do this by enabling investors to actually take positions in the underlying volatility of the asset.

Primary Strategy

The primary strategy that we use to create better returns for our clients is the VegaX VEBE strategy. VegaX VEBE is a monthly income strategy designed to maximize returns. So far in 2021, it has provided 60% annualized returns for holders who are doing more than just holding BTC.

Looking to the Future

Now that we have reached this substantial milestone, we are looking to the future; a future where we continue to grow our AUM, leading even more investors to increased returns. We are confident that the successful application of our strategies can encourage more people to invest in cryptocurrencies, allowing us to participate in introducing cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance to a wider audience.

As always, please reach out to us with questions, comments, and suggestions!

VegaX Holdings:

VegaX Holdings is the “BlackRock” of the Crypto Asset Industry. We provide investors globally with one-stop access to sophisticated and secure crypto asset management. The asset management industry is the largest in the world representing more than $80 trillion dollars in investments through investment products like ETFs, mutual funds, and indices that outperform investments in individual stocks. VegaX is the first to create similar investment products for Crypto providing investors outperformance versus buying individual cryptocurrencies. On average, investors buying VegaX products make 30% more profit versus just holding Bitcoin.

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VegaX Holdings

VegaX Holdings

VegaX: The Future of Digital Asset Management — Innovation of Proprietary Indices and Next-Gen Digital Asset Management Products.