VEEE 101 “Unleashed”

VEEE 101 “Unleashed” — VegaX Holdings
  1. VEEE is an Ethereum product built to generate consistent income through a technique dubbed a “covered call.”
  2. By generating consistent income, VEEE can act as a hedge against falling Ethereum prices — so even when ETH prices are down, we outperform the HODL technique.
  • pocket the 2% premium
  • be forced to sell 10% of our ETH holdings at $1,100, missing out on the profit from $1,100-$1,200
  • enjoy the portfolio gains as the rest of our ETH (90% of it) gains 20% in the move from $1,000K-$1,200
  • pocket the 2% premium
  • keep all of the Ethereum #diamondhands
  • pocket the 2% premium
  • send all of our investors tissue boxes to help with the tears of losing ~28% in one month
  • keep all of the Ethereums and try again next month
  • the best Ethereum product on the market
  • an easy way to hedge against volatility
  • a financial product that marries traditional strategies with crypto assets
  1. Read the white paper!
  2. Contact us:

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VegaX Holdings

VegaX Holdings

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