VegaX Strategy Release: Digital Blue Investment Product Token — VBLU

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VegaX Strategy Release: Digital Blue Investment Product Token — VBLU

Today we are announcing the release of the VBLU strategy. Keep reading for more information about it.

What is VBLU?

VBLU stands for VegaX Digital Blue Investment Product Token. VBLU aims to be the premier benchmark for investors looking to get exposure to the macro crypto market. It is designed to give investors exposure to the top five cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem by market capitalization. The token specifically tracks the movement of the five best performing cryptocurrencies that are tracked by the VDBX (VegaX Digital Blue Index).

What is VDBX?

VDBX represents VegaX’s digital asset version of a ‘large-cap fund’ — a popular investment vehicle commonly offered in traditional finance. VDBX is designed for investors who are looking for a low-risk investment option due to its focus on tracking the most well-established cryptocurrencies in the market. Large-cap funds are popular in traditional finance because they:

  • track highly regarded companies
  • have a great historical track record
  • are a safe long-term investment
  • carry lower risk
  • generate steady returns

VDBX is designed to offer these same benefits to investors.


The top five coins make up 70%+ of the entire cryptocurrency market. Over the past several years, the crypto market has experienced significant growth, in large part due to the popularity of the five best performing cryptocurrencies. These projects have been at the forefront of all of the major market cycles and have delivered consistent, long-term growth and positive returns for those who hold them.

VBLU is an attractive investment for investors who are interested in adding crypto exposure to their portfolios but are specifically looking for minimal risk investments. Due to its low-risk nature, VBLU is particularly well suited for investors who are new to the cryptocurrency market.

The top five coins have generated an average of 338% in returns YTD. Currently, the top five coins being tracked are BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, and ADA.

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