VBLU 101 “Unforbidden” — Crypto “Blue Chip” Investments

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VBLU 101 “Unforbidden” — VegaX Holdings

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TL;DR: Let’s break down VBLU

VBLU stands for VegaX Digital Blue Investment Product™.

It’s our premier crypto-asset strategy, giving customers exposure to a few of the blue-chip projects inhabiting the top spots of the crypto sector. It follows the VDBX (VegaX Digital Blue Index), which tracks the top 5 crypto assets by market cap.

So what is a Blue Chip? (Great question)

Usually, “blue-chip” refers to the stock of a HUGE company with an EXCELLENT reputation that has consistently produced long-term returns while offering investors exposure to a low amount of risk. Examples of “blue-chips” in the stock market are IBM, Coca-Cola, Boeing, and Apple.

Blue-chip stocks form the benchmark for tracking the behavior of the macroeconomy and are often used as references for analyzing the performance of other companies that operate within a similar environment.

The crypto market has “blue-chip” assets too. For example, crypto-assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum have historically led major bull cycles and survived the harshest bear markets thanks to their large share of the overall crypto market cap.

Talk VBLU to Me:

Ok, ok, let’s narrow that focus down to VBLU, the VegaX strategy that you came here to learn about.

Tokens for VBLU are selected and weighted by market capitalization. This means VBLU is made up of the 5 biggest tokens in the crypto industry. The list is updated monthly, allowing for new tokens to break into the top 5 if they see a surge in popularity over a long period of time.

Let’s Talk About Some Popular DeFi Tokens:

VBLU changes with the market, but many of the ~types~ of tokens listed in VBLU will fall into two categories:

  • payment coins → allows users to move cryptocurrency from point A to point B without going through a bank (ex: Bitcoin)
  • smart-contract platform tokens → provides a way for crypto users to program assets and businesses directly on a blockchain (ex: Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Binance Coin)

How has VBLU done?

Over the past six months, VBLU is down 11.82%.

The VBLU End Game: Actually Investing

If you are looking for…

  • the best “crypto” product on the market
  • an easy way to get exposure to the top assets in crypto
  • a product that stays true to the largest assets in the industry

then VBLU is a perfect match for your portfolio, and you should buy the VBLU token on VegaX today (using this link).

For more information:

  1. Read the white paper!
  2. Contact us: info@vegaxholdings.com

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