New Blockchain Projects To Check Out In 2021

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New Blockchain Projects To Check Out In 2021 — VegaX Holdings

A lot of focus is put on the top projects in the blockchain/crypto industry on a regular basis. People discuss what their opinions are on the top blockchain projects, top crypto projects, top NFT projects, and top DeFi projects in industry-related forums and groups online almost constantly, but what about new blockchain projects?

A List Of New Blockchain Projects

In order to draw attention to new blockchain projects that you might not have heard about we decided to create this list. We feel strongly about drawing attention to these projects that might not be well known yet, because we know that the early period of a startup's existence is often the most difficult to get through, that time when most people don’t recognize your brand yet.

In this article we are putting the spotlight on the following projects, but they are by no means the only new blockchain projects out there. If you are interested in learning more about new projects in blockchain, be sure to do your own research.

New Blockchain Projects: Pickle Finance

Yield farming involves locking up your tokens on different platforms to earn interest on your tokens. It’s a great opportunity and most options provide higher rates of return than banks. However, the platform that offers the best return on investment (ROI) often changes, meaning that yield farmers are constantly looking for the best option. This process is time consuming and can become difficult.

Pickle Finance is a yield aggregator. Investors stake their tokens with Pickle Finance, and their funds are pooled along with the funds of other investors. Finally, Pickle Finance stakes the funds with the project that is currently offering the highest ROI. Pickle Finance does the research and finds the best opportunity for you, so you can save time!

New Blockchain Projects: Ark Gallery

Ark Gallery is an innovative new project in the blockchain space that includes a platform that allows investors to pool their resources to collectively buy expensive NFTs. Each investor is then provided with a token that represents a fractional share of the NFT. This means that investors no longer have to be limited in what NFTs they purchase by how much money they have, making the NFT market truly open to everyone, regardless of how wealthy they are.

New Blockchain Projects: DAOVentures

DAOVentures is a platform that enables DeFi investing, but the design of the platform looks similar to investment platforms in traditional finance, making it appeal to investors who are new to DeFi and may be entering the space from the traditional finance market.

New Blockchain Projects: Polkastarter

Polkastarter is a platform that acts as a decentralized place to launch new blockchain projects. This IDO platform offers fixed ratio swaps which limit how much individuals can invest, ultimately preventing pump and dump schemes that were often associated with early ICOs. This platform has quickly become one of the most popular and well-respected places to hold an Initial DEX Offering (IDO), thus making it the generator of the decentralized blockchain projects of the future.

New Blockchain Projects: Mina Protocol

Mina Protocol is the world’s lightest blockchain protocol, with a size of just 22kb, thus it doesn’t require an insane amount of computing power to run. Following its rebrand (Mina was previously called Coda Protocol), it is poised to continue to make strides toward offering a lighter and faster future for DeFi.

New Blockchain Projects: Reef Finance

Reef Finance is designed to make DeFi easy. The company aims to make DeFi more accessible to new investors by separating the technology from the user experience, providing a more simple interface. The learning curve required by some earlier DeFi projects is considered by many to be one of the hurdles that must be overcome if DeFi is going to reach a wider audience, so the creation of projects like Reef Finance is a welcome development.

New Blockchain Projects: Elastos

Elastos is the new smartweb, an attempt to build an internet that works for everyone. It offers open-source, decentralized web services, where data is secured by its owners via verifiable blockchain immutability. It connects decentralized applications and the internet. The Elastos team is working towards shaping the future of the internet. The project is a few years old, but is now starting to grow in popularity and influence.

The Blockchain Projects Of Tomorrow Are Starting Today

It’s exciting to learn about the many new projects in the blockchain space, as many of them will likely be the projects that are being talked about by the mainstream population in the next five or ten years.

By learning about the most innovative new blockchain projects today, of which those listed above are just some, you could be learning about the projects that will shape the next evolution of the blockchain industry.

What other new blockchain projects are you excited about? Let us know in the comments!

As always, please reach out to us with questions, comments, and suggestions!

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