Inflation in Digital Assets — VegaX Holdings Research Report

Inflation in Digital Assets — VegaX Holdings Research Report

Osmosis Labs (OSMO Token)

The Osmosis team states in their documentation that OSMO will be “highly inflationary at the beginning.” The primary reason is that, in order to attract users to a new protocol, those users must feel as though they are being appropriately compensated for their time.

OSMO Token Release Schedule over time


On the other end of the emissions issuance spectrum is Bitcoin. New Bitcoins are generated via the Proof-of-Work mining process that works as follows: transactions yet to be confirmed (included in a block) on the blockchain wait in a queue called a mempool.

Visual representation of Bitcoin Inflation


In the nascent space of digital assets, there is more than enough room for experimentation in monetary policy, as each protocols’ tokenomics are unique, and in many cases, is subject to change over time.

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