VegaX - First Half Of 2021 Performance

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VegaX — First Half Of 2021 Performance

The first half of 2021 has come to a close and we have some important news to report regarding the progress we made during that time period. We have accomplished a lot as a company so far this year. We increased cumulative AUM by 2161.5%, our investment strategies have seen consistent growth, we made updates to the VegaX dashboard, and we redesigned our website. When reflecting on the year, CEO Sang Lee said:

Even coming off the effects of COVID19, 2021 proved to be a great year for the VegaX team and what we have been able to accomplish in providing accessibility and profitability for new cryptocurrency investors.

Here is a recap of our company’s performance since the start of 2021 and what we envision for the rest of the year.

Increase In AUM: 2161.5%

2021 has been a year of strong performance for VegaX. The company’s total assets under management (AUM) increased from just over $9 million in January 2021 to about $44 million in July 2021. We have seen double-digit AUM percentage growth in each of the months since January 2021. Cumulative AUM growth through July 2021 was 2161.45%!

VegaX Investment Strategies

Our VEBE and VEEE investment strategies have continued to perform well.

VEBE: 33%+ in July 2021

The VEBE strategy’s cumulative performance has increased steadily each month since the beginning of the year and reached 33%+ in July 2021. The annual percentage yield (APY), the real rate of return earned on an investment in the VEBE strategy, has been positive as well. In January 2021 the APY was 90%+, in March 2021 it was nearly 80%. The APY in July 2021 was 18%+.

VEEE: 35% in July 2021

The VEEE strategy’s cumulative performance has also increased since its debut in February 2021 when it was listed at almost 9%. In May 2021 it was nearly 23% and in July 2021 it reached almost 35%. The strategy’s APY has also been significant, at just over 175% and 101% in February 2021 and March 2021 respectively. In July 2021 the APY was 60%+.

Looking To The Future: New Indices And Strategies + Platform Updates

Looking forward to the remainder of 2021 we plan to release 10+ new strategies/indices/products in order to provide a wider variety of investment products and options for our clients. We have updated both the Korean and English versions of our website. We also plan to continue to make updates to the VegaX dashboard as we receive feedback from our clients.

By making continual improvements to the dashboard and increasing the number of financial products that we offer, we hope to attract new clients and enhance the investment experience for our existing clients.

When discussing his overall outlook on the blockchain industry, Sang stated:

Beyond the cliche of the first inning, the industry is primed for explosive growth that’s driven by the level of innovation in DeFi and on-chain research that we are excited to continue to build toward.

We are eager to see what new direction the industry takes next and we look forward to helping to determine what the future looks like for digital assets.

As always, please reach out to us with questions, comments, and suggestions!

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