7 Inspiring Crypto Articles on Medium

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7 Inspiring Crypto Articles on Medium — VegaX Holdings

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, whether you are a novice investor or a very experienced trader, chances are you have at some point benefited from the perspectives of other people who are also intrigued with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. One of the most effective ways to gather perspectives on a subject (in this case, cryptocurrency) and digest information is to read crypto articles online. You can start by looking for information in the crypto articles on popular cryptocurrency news sites like Cointelegraph and CoinDesk, but for real perspectives from individual retail investors, founders and employees of your favorite cryptocurrency projects, or leaders in the industry, you may want to look on a popular blogging platform.

One popular blogging platform on the internet where you can find a lot of great information on blockchain and cryptocurrencies is Medium. We previously published an article on some popular crypto writers on Medium, and this article is a follow up focused instead on some inspiring crypto articles on Medium.

Hopefully this article helps you filter out the crypto articles on Medium that are not so great so you can spend your time reading some truly exceptional writing instead!

Crypto Articles: The Meaning Of Decentralization by Vitalik Buterin

What better article exists to start with than an article on the most key aspect to the blockchain/cryptocurrency space written by one of the leading figures on the subject? Vitalik Buterin is not just one of the visionaries behind Ethereum, he is also a thought leader in the crypto space and a talented writer and speaker.

In this article he discusses the true meaning of decentralization, three different types of decentralization, reasons for decentralization, and how decentralization is often defined by people when they talk about blockchains and blockchain technology.

Crypto Articles: How crypto enables economic freedom by Brian Armstrong

Coinbase was founded way back in 2012, when cryptocurrency was still relatively new. It has survived and thrived and has avoided being overtaken by the many competing crypto exchanges that have come after it largely due to Brian Armstrong’s leadership.

In this article we get a glimpse of Brian Armstrong’s leadership style as he shares an internal memo that he sent to Coinbase employees. In it, he discusses the three inherent properties that make crypto uniquely positioned to increase economic freedom for people around the world.

Crypto Articles: An Interview with Greg Osuri from Overclock Labs and Akash Network by Trent Lapinski

In this article, you have the option of watching a podcast interview by Trent or reading the transcript of the podcast. Watch or read and learn some perspectives on how to overcome the challenges presented by distributed networks.

This interview by Trent Lapinski was published in 2018, so by watching it you may be able to get a clear picture of how blockchain technology and the crypto space have progressed since then, and which of the challenges outlined still persist today.

Crypto Articles: The different uses for bitcoin by Linda Xie

Linda Xie has been a force in blockchain and crypto for a while, and she has a breadth of knowledge on the subject, but she is also a great educator and her writing style is clear so her content can be easily grasped by even the most novice beginners and newcomers to cryptocurrency.

In this article, she describes some of the main attributes of Bitcoin that have made it as influential as it is. If you are new to cryptocurrency, you also might want to check out Linda’s article on tips for crypto newcomers.

Crypto Articles: Why Web3 is the Next Big Investing Opportunity by Isaiah McCall

Isaiah McCall discusses what’s wrong with the current internet, and how Web3 will offer a solution to the problems of the internet. Big tech companies are using your personal data to their advantage now, but web3 will democratize the internet, giving control to the people rather than corporations.

A decentralized internet is possible, and it may be here sooner than you think. Isaiah discusses what it means when people say that Web3 will enable an open, trustless, and permissionless internet, and why you should think about investing in Web3-related projects.

Crypto Articles: The Top 3 Books to Read if you actually Want to Understand Blockchain by Aliza Rosenfelder

If you have invested in cryptocurrencies or plan to, it’s important that you try to gain an understanding of the underlying technology that makes buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies possible. There is no better way to learn about blockchain than to learn how to code one yourself, but if you can’t do that, the next best thing is to read a book or two or three written by an author or authors who understand blockchain better than you do.

That is precisely the reason why this crypto article made the list. In it, Aliza Rosenfelder recommends three great books about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies that will help you become a blockchain expert yourself!

Crypto Articles: Learn Blockchains by Building One by Daniel van Flymen

When writing about the previous crypto article, I mentioned that there was no better way to learn about blockchain than to learn how to code one yourself. Ready to try?

This article provides code tutorials on how to build a blockchain so you can learn how blockchains actually work. Daniel van Flymen actually shows you what a block looks like, how to add transactions to a block, how to create new blocks, how to understand and implement Proof of Work, and more!

Concluding Crypto Articles

Every well-written crypto article finds some way to create a conclusion that leaves the reader wanting more, or sums up the content detailed in the article so that the reader remembers the main points of what they just read. This article is no different, and now it must be concluded.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this list of inspiring crypto articles on Medium. These are just some of the many articles written about crypto that can be found on the platform. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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