An Exploration of the Metaverse — VegaX Research Report

VegaX Holdings Research Report April 2022: An Exploration of the Metaverse — Click here to download full report.

An Exploration of the Metaverse

The events of 2020 that led to a multi-year pandemic have allowed the global community to observe the effects of drastically reducing face-to-face interactions; what becomes apparent is that humans are resilient, and as social creatures, they will utilize modern technology to satiate their need for community.

Enter: metaverse.

‘Metaverse’ does not necessarily correspond to any one, specific representation — it encompasses 2D and 3D graphical representations, but more than that, the ‘metaverse’ represents the overall trend to radically dematerialize physical space, distances, and objects. It is a multiverse of unique experiences, games and adventures that will add value by enabling humans to live out their wildest dreams, from wherever they may be physically located.

  • The Seven-Layer Value Chain 3
  • Layer 1: Experience 3
  • Layer 2: Discovery 4
  • Layer 3: Creator Economy 4
  • Layer 4: Spatial Computing 5
  • Layer 5: Decentralization 5
  • Layer 6: Human Interface 6
  • Layer 7: Infrastructure 6
  • So… what is the metaverse? 7
  • How would one invest in a metaverse project? 7
  • Axie Infinity — Market Cap $6.94 Billion 8
  • Decentraland — Market Cap $4.09 Billion 9
  • The Sandbox — Market Cap $4.07 Billion 10
  • ….and more!

Click here to download full report.

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