🐯 The Year of the Tiger has arrived — Happy Lunar New Year from VegaX! Learn how to get your crypto gift to celebrate the Year of the Tiger, below 🐯

Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with VegaX Holdings!

To celebrate the lunar new year and welcome the Year of the Tiger, we are excited to give a special gift with wishes of strength, courage, and prosperity! To learn more about the gift details, see below for the “Year of the Tiger” Gift promotion details. Countdown is officially on…

범 내려온다~

설 명절을 축하하고 호랑이의 해를 맞이하기 위해 베가엑스가 설날 선물 증정 프로모션을 진행하고 있습니다!

자세한 사항은 아래를 참조하세요:

설날 선물 프로모션 개요

프로모션 기간:
2022년 1월 14일에 시작하여 2월 1일 밤 11:59분(미국 PT 시간대 기준)까지 진행됩니다!

프로모션 혜택을 받 …

VegaX Guide Central Highlights key information for VegaX Clients, to make it even easier to enhance returns! Learn more about “Active and Inactive” periods for certain VegaX products. See below for our Korean translation: “Active/Inactive 기간이란?”

VegaX Holdings Guide Central: “What Are Active and Inactive Periods?”

Understanding Active and Inactive Investment Periods — FAQ’s:

What are active/inactive periods?

Active and inactive periods reflect the time when clients can buy or sell specific…

VBLU 101 “Unforbidden” — VegaX Holdings

Dear Investor — We’re Here to Make Crypto Investing Easier,

Welcome to the decentralized establishment of fake internet money, where code is law and JPEGs reign supreme.

TL;DR: Let’s break down VBLU

VBLU stands for VegaX Digital Blue Investment Product™.

It’s our premier crypto-asset strategy, giving customers exposure to a few of the blue-chip projects inhabiting the top spots of the crypto sector. …

VegaX Release: USDC Yield Product (VUSDC)

We are pleased to announce that we have released another investment product, the VegaX USDC Yield Product (VUSDC).

What is the VegaX USDC Yield Product (VUSDC)?

VUSDC stands for VegaX U.S. Dollar Coin. VUSDC enables clients to earn up to 10% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on their dollars. …

Image of the Taj Mahal and an Elephant
The State of the Blockchain Ecosystem in India and the Possibility of a Crypto Ban — VegaX Holdings

This is the third article in a series where we will explore the current state of the blockchain ecosystem in specific countries, with each article featuring a different country.

What comes to mind when someone mentions India? Perhaps it’s India’s famous landmark, the Taj Mahal, the colorful Holi festival, or…

신나는 연말연시가 기다려지시나요? 베가엑스는 함께 베풀고 나누는 연말연시를 맞아 지금 특별한 연말 선물 증정 프로모션을 진행하고 있습니다!

자세한 사항은 아래를 참조하세요:

크리스마스 선물 프로모션 개요
자주하는 질문과 답변

크리스마스 프로모션은 언제부터 참여할 수 있나요?
2021년 12월 17일에 시작하여 12월 …

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