VegaX — First Half Of 2021 Performance

The first half of 2021 has come to a close and we have some important news to report regarding the progress we made during that time period. We have accomplished a lot as a company so far this year. We increased cumulative AUM by 2161.5%, our investment strategies have seen consistent growth, we made updates to the VegaX dashboard, and we redesigned our website. When reflecting on the year, CEO Sang Lee said:

Even coming off the effects of COVID19, 2021 proved to be a great year for the VegaX team and what we have been able to accomplish in…

Image of man watering tree with bitcoins as the fruit on the tree.
Image of man watering tree with bitcoins as the fruit on the tree.
VegaX Grows AUM by 630%

VegaX Announcement

We are excited to announce that we have grown our total assets under management (AUM) to over $15 million. This is a key milestone in our efforts to grow our business and become one of the leading digital asset management companies in the world. Last quarter alone, VegaX’s assets under management increased by 630%, from $2 million+ to $15 million.

VegaX Holdings

VegaX is the world’s first cryptocurrency asset management platform focused on opportunities in hedging and advanced alpha through products and strategies driven by volatility.

Our Goal

As a company, we strive every day to gain the trust of more crypto holders, both…

If you are investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), it is high time to consider including cryptocurrency ETFs in your portfolio as well. Just like how traditional ETFs track a basket of assets to amplify returns, such as the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (“SPY”) which tracks the S&P 500 Index, crypto ETFs similarly amplify returns by tracking an index of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). In fact, these crypto ETFs can be traded and managed on reputable market platforms just like traditional ETFs. Popular exchange XBT Provider enables investors to trade Bitcoin ETNs (exchange-traded notes) on the Nasdaq…

Image of the dashboard on a computer screen.
Image of the dashboard on a computer screen.
Introduction To The Updated VegaX Dashboard — VegaX Holdings

Why We Made Changes To The Dashboard

In an effort to provide a better overall user experience and help our clients easily keep track of their investments, we have made updates to the VegaX Dashboard. These updates include redesigns of the main view and the dashboard pages, including the transaction tab page, investment product page, account settings page, and more.

Dashboard Main Page

Due to the recent changes to the VegaX Dashboard, we want to show you what the new features are.

Main view

This is the main overview where you can find all the information related to your dashboard.

Ethereum’s EIP-1559 Upgrade
Ethereum’s EIP-1559 Upgrade
EIP 1559 Explained: Ethereum’s Fee Market Upgrade


The long-awaited Ethereum London upgrade is almost here with the mainnet activation scheduled to be on Aug 4.

EIP-1559 is one of Ethereum’s most highly anticipated updates. The dynamic proposal looks to alter Ethereum’s transaction fee calculator mechanism. The modification will split the transaction fees into base fees and tips.

What has everyone so excited is that the upgrade will introduce a burn of gas fees on every transaction, curbing ETH’s inflation and increasing its scarcity.

As Ethereum readies itself for one of the most awaited updates so far, let’s take a closer look at the proposal.

What is EIP-1559?

EIP-1559 is a…

Image of UI/UX.
Image of UI/UX.
Announcing Changes To The VegaX Dashboard — VegaX Holdings

We are excited to announce that changes have been made to the VegaX dashboard to provide a more user-friendly experience for users. These changes also include new functionalities as well as a new DeFi strategy project.

In total, there have been three new major changes implemented to the updated dashboard.


The User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) changes have produced a smooth and easy-to-use interface for users. The dashboard now has a more elegant design and also includes a more intuitive UI, ultimately making the dashboard easier to understand for new users. …

Photo of Matthew Graham and title of the webinar.
Photo of Matthew Graham and title of the webinar.
VegaX Digital Asset Education Series: “Aping Into A Bull Market” in Partnership with Chinaccelerator — Summary Highlights

Top 3 Quotes from Matthew Graham

“What we are starting to see is that for traditional finance people, especially hedge funds and traders, once they have a taste of DeFi it immediately makes sense to them.”

“Stop using so much leverage. You gotta stay in the game. Don’t sell too early.”

“You can go to GitHub and read Mastering Bitcoin and Mastering Ethereum. These brilliant books are on GitHub for free.”

This edition of the VegaX Holdings Digital Asset Education Series in Partnership with Chinaccelerator features Matthew Graham, Founder and CEO of Sino Global Capital — Providing strategic investment to…

Shiba inu dog and a cat to represent memecoins.
Shiba inu dog and a cat to represent memecoins.
Are Speculative Investments Like Meme Stocks And Memecoins Worth The Risk? — VegaX Holdings

So far, 2021 has seen the rise of speculative investments. The world became captivated as retail investors combined forces on popular social media sites like Reddit and Twitter to pump the price of meme stocks well past their real value, but it wasn’t only meme stocks that increased. Memecoins have seen their popularity grow as well. However, is investing in speculative investments like Meme stocks (GME and AMC) or Memecoins(Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Baby Doge, and SafeMoon) worth it, or is it simply too risky?

r/WallStreetBets, Speculative Investments, And Meme Stocks

GameStop, a retail store chain that sells video games, has been struggling for a while. Now…

An image of a person losing money from inflation.
An image of a person losing money from inflation.
Can Bitcoin Protect You Against Inflation? — VegaX Holdings

You may have heard discussions recently in the news about whether or not we should be expecting inflation to occur in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. There are a few different reasons why many people expect that we will experience a period of inflation following the pandemic, and some people who follow the financial markets are indicating that inflation is already occurring in many countries. It’s important to understand what inflation is and what causes it, and then learn how to protect yourself as much as possible from being affected by it.

What is Inflation?

Inflation is simply a measure of the…

An image representing centralization and decentralization.
An image representing centralization and decentralization.
Decentralized Exchanges And Centralized Exchanges: What Are The Differences? — VegaX Holdings

There are two main types of cryptocurrency exchanges: decentralized exchanges and centralized exchanges. There are a few important differences between these two types and most cryptocurrency investors have a preference for one or the other. However, it is possible to be a trader who sometimes trades cryptocurrencies using decentralized exchanges and other times trades using centralized exchanges. In other words, you aren’t limited to using just one type of exchange.

They both have different advantages, and in order to determine which you would like to use for a particular trade, it’s important to understand the advantages and potential drawbacks of…

VegaX Holdings

VegaX: The Future of Digital Asset Management — Innovation of Proprietary Indices and Next-Gen Digital Asset Management Products.

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